Brown Mauzo Opens Up About Companionship With Ex-wife Vera Sidika for the First Time

Fredrick Mutinda, popularly known as Brown Mauzo, has for the first time since their breakup, opened his heart to let people know more about his marriage with socialite Vera Sidika.

During an interview with Nairobi News, the renowned public figure revealed experiencing perplexing situations during their marital journey, despite also recognizing that it’s one of the best marriages he ever had.

“It was a great marriage, marked by actions that surpassed anything I had experienced before. Vera did things that surprised me,” he said.

Revealing that he decided to let the cat out of the bucket two months later, after falling out with Vera, Mr Mauzo however skipped having a conversation focusing on who between him and Vera initiated their love life.

He recalled:

“I prefer not to delve into the specifics of how our love story began, as I want to maintain a positive perspective on her side. As long as we were okay, that is what matter.”

He also never forgot to give credit to huge and close-to-impossible sacrifices, that his ex-fiance made for his sake. Pointing at Vera’s acceptance of his religion, Brown Mauzo praised Vera for being committed to living a united couple with him.

“One day, she called me expressing her desire to convert to Islam saying she wanted us to be a Muslim couple. This was a significant sacrifice she made for the sake of our relationship and I gave in…This gesture deeply touched my heart, and I realized the sincerity behind her intention in our relationship, although initially, I had reservations, suspecting it might be for publicity,” he emphasized.

For him, it was at this point that he took an oath within himself to up their relationship to another level.

He added.

“The introduction of the religious aspect made me take our connection seriously.”

Since their breakup, this is the first time Mr Brown Mauzo has decided to speak openly regarding their faded love.

Would you love to hear Vera’s confession too?


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