Somtel Somalia Spearheads Technological Advancements for Somali Graduates

In a significant stride towards enhancing the employability of Somali graduates, Somtel Somalia has successfully operated the Somtel Somalia Technology Center in Mogadishu for the past one year and six months. The center has effectively trained 387 graduates from fifteen universities across Somalia, equipping them with advanced technical and professional skills.

A noteworthy aspect of Somtel Somalia’s commitment is the direct employment of eight graduates who demonstrated exceptional performance during the professional skills training programs. This move serves as both recognition of their achievements and a valuable opportunity for these graduates to apply their newly acquired skills in a real-world setting.

Established on May 25, 2022, the Somali Technical Training Center, provided by Somtel Somalia, focuses on preparing and training graduates from faculties such as Engineering, IT, Administration, and management, as offered by various universities in Somalia. The training center boasts state-of-the-art facilities, ensuring that graduates receive comprehensive practical training to meet industry demands.

Courtesy: Somtel Somalia

Since its official launch four days later on May 30, 2022, the Somtel Somalia Technology Training Institute has been in full swing, commencing practical training for the first batch of one hundred graduate students from the Somali International University (SIU) and Jamhuuriya University, both based in Mogadishu. The six-month-long training program encompasses ten specializations in engineering and IT, facilitated by experienced engineers from Somtel Somalia.

Expressing their gratitude, graduates from SIU and Jamhuuriya universities hailed the opportunity to be the first beneficiaries of practical technology training at the Somtel Somalia Institute. They are now poised to enter the job market with enhanced professional quality, a sentiment echoed by Adan Haji Yusuf Ibrahim, Somtel Somalia Deputy Manager and Operation Chief.

Ibrahim emphasized the significance of the training program, affirming Somtel Somalia’s commitment to providing such valuable opportunities. He announced the company’s plans to invest $1.9 million in the fully equipped technology institute, emphasizing its role in offering free practical training for graduate students as part of corporate social responsibility.

Courtesy: Somtel Somalia

Mahad Omar Abdulle, Somtel Somalia Marketing and Public Relations representative, highlighted the company’s commitment to investing in facilities that equip young graduates with the necessary professional skills, fostering immediate access to income-generating employment opportunities.

Dr. Mohamed Yusuf Omar, President of Somali International University (SIU), emphasized the importance of practical skills in securing employment, stating, “In order for graduate students to access employment, they need to be equipped with necessary practical skills in addition to their general knowledge. This will increase their chances of finding jobs.”

The initiative received praise from various quarters, including Dr. Mohamed Nasir, a manager at Mogadishu University, who commended Somtel Somalia for addressing the practical technology skills training needs of Somali graduate students. Ismail Yusuf Osman, Director of Higher Education at the Ministry of Education, acknowledged Somtel Somalia’s valuable role in advancing education and enriching Somali graduate students.

Courtesy: Somtel Somalia

Eng. Muhudin Ali Yusuf, Deputy Manager of the Technical Department at Somtel Somalia, assured that the practical training offered at the institute would be sincerely provided to all graduate students in Somalia. He expressed hope that students would be well-prepared professionals by the end of the course.

Eng. Mohamed Khalif, Dean of the Faculty of Engineering and Computer Technology at SIU University, anticipates a positive change in the professional skills of students, asserting that the well-equipped Somtel Somalia institute will better prepare graduates to enter the job market immediately.

Courtesy: Somtel Somalia

In conclusion, the Somtel Somalia Technology Training Center stands out as the first of its kind established by a business company, providing free technology education to Somali university graduates. Moreover, Somtel Somalia takes the lead by initiating an internship program, paving the way for young Somali graduates to explore potential job opportunities. This initiative not only addresses the pressing need for practical skills in the job market but also marks a significant investment in the future of Somalia’s workforce.


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