Esther Musila (53), Reveals Secrets For Looking Younger Than Hubby Guardian Angel Despite 20 Years Age Gap

When you see Esther Musila, the beautiful wife to singer Guardian Angel, you won’t believe she has pocketed 53 years in her age bucket.

As noted by, the beautiful ever-young Esther Musila attributed her fitness to physical activities like exercise which she says, has been pivotal to helping her keep her skin glowing against wearing out with the age.

Photo: Guardian Angel and Wife Esther Musila

She shared, “I engage in regular exercise, and my preferred form of physical activity is dancing.”

Besides, she also told her fans about routinely maintaining a careful meal laying down too much emphasis on drinking plenty of water as well.

“I keep my first meal light, avoid wheat products, and steer clear of sugar. I’m not a consumer of sugar. Additionally, I make sure to stay well-hydrated by drinking plenty of water and incorporating a substantial amount of vegetables into my meals. I eat twice a day and only consume sugar-free tea at night,” she added.

Further talking about her physique, Musila attributes it partly to nature saying she wasn’t born huge, but the gain she has received has been impacted by hormonal changes as women approach the age of 50.


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