Karen Nyamu Admits Losing Focus at Work, Thinks of Baby Daddy Samidoh

Nominated senator Karen Nyamu opens up candidly about the exact drawbacks she faces at the workplace, mentioning the thoughts of her better half as a key battle she struggles fighting at work.

Taking a short post to her Facebook account, Samidoh’s baby mama Karen Nyamu boldly admitted that her focus at work vanishes every moment her mind directs her to have a recollection of her “lookalike” – preferably none under the planet other than Samidoh.

“I’m out in the cold performing my mandated duties, but the concentration at work disappears the moment I remember about my lover, my lookalike, whom I left at home,” Nyamu began her expressive Facebook post.

As seen in the heartfelt post, Nyamu doubtlessly sees Samidoh beyond the naked eye describing him as her “lookalike,” an implication that their bond surpasses the normal physical connection.

It is in that regard, that Nyamu attributes this adhesive emotional attachment they hold for each other, as that which steals her soul and mind every time she ever thinks of her baby daddy

Photo: Karen Nyamu’s Facebook Post

Even as a whole mountain of comments keeps growing under the post, from their fan base, it’s crystal evident that the duo has grown into a fortress loveable pair that anyone aiming to dismantle must receive a hardback slap equivalent to an eternal curse.

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