Raila Odinga: Rigathi Gachagua Should Not Even Be a Head of A Chicken Pen

Azimio La Umoja Party Leader has launched an onslaught against Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua, terming his leadership as full of incompetence and needing to be censured by the President.

Odinga, in an interview with Ken Mijungu of KTN News yesterday, slammed the Deputy President for claiming that the ongoing bipartisan talks are pointless and a waste of time.

Raila chastised Gachagua for making public statements that depicted the Kenyan state as a shareholding company, with shareholders receiving preference in government appointments.

“If you ask me, it is a tragedy that this country has Mr. Gachagua as its Deputy President. Mr Gachagua should not be even the head of a chicken pen because of his misconduct. From the way he talks and behaves, he shows too much contempt for other parts of the country. He speaks as if he is the deputy president of Mount Kenya. He has the guts to say Kenya is a corporation or shareholding company and that some communities have more shares than others, yet all the communities pay taxes’’ said Odinga.


The former Prime Minister has however, asked the president to censure his deputy becausee of his utterances and behavior, and it is an insult to the country if he goes with the him to opposition zones such as Nyanza and Mobasa , who according to Gachagua are not shareholders.

“Remember Gachagua himself had a  corruption case which was dropped mysteriously  as it was done to other graft cases and that the second in command should not talk or lecture Kenyans about corruption when he himself is a product of it.’’ added Odinga


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