Government Deploys Specialized Police Officers To Quell Insecurity In Sondu

The government, through the ministry of Interior and national coordination, has announced that it has deployed the specialist security forces to contain the skirmishes that have been witnessed in Sondu town, a center located in the border between Kericho and Kisumu counties.

Through a statement released by the CS Kithure Kindiki and shared with the media, the special deployment will be overseen jointly by the Rift Valley and Nyanza regional security teams, with additional announcements expected in the coming days.

“This evening, the government has deployed a contingent of specialized security personnel to contain the escalation of violent crime in Sondu Town.

The deployment is set to be supervised by both teams from both places, Nyanza and Rift Valley under firm instructions to ensure immediate resumption of normalcy and the arrest and prosecution of each and every perpetrator of the horrific crimes that have been committed against the people of Sondu town.”, read part of the statement.

According to the media reports, close to seven people have already died in the attacks led by young men armed with bows, arrows, and machetes.

The ministry also transferred all local border security heads and other public officers whose impartiality or competence was deemed to have resulted in criminals’ success.


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