Former Citizen TV Reporter Pleads For Help

Former Citizen TV reporter, Kimani Mbugua, has pleaded with well wishers to come to his aid after struggling with bipolar mood disorder for years. Mbugua also asked people to help him in rebuilding himself as well as his career since he is currently homeless.

Via a viral video which has been circulating on social media, the media personality narrated his journey with the mental disorder which he was diagnosed with in 2020. The condition led to the loss of his job and friends.

“I fell ill in 2020 after I was diagnosed with Bipolar disorder, and since then, my life has fallen apart. I have lost so many things, friends during the journey, and people got tired of me, and they got to a point where they were not willing to help,” he said.

Since he was diagnosed with bipolar mood disorder, Mbugua have been struggling to make ends meet. He disclosed how his friends turned against him after hosting him for a long time. The people around him also surrendered supporting him as they used to do before. He explained how he is currently struggling with homelessness and his dire need to reestablish himself.

The former journalist recounted how he once developed a business plan and proposal for a potential client in which he intended to recruit the client into a business partner. He revealed that his main intention from the business plan was for the partner to provide financial support for his dream to become valid.

Mbugua expressed his will to remain sober after a long struggle with drug and substance abuse. The struggling journalist disclosed that he has refrained from using drugs for the past two months which showed his willingness to change for better.

Mbugua appealed with people of good will to support him in any way possible. The media personality further expressed his struggles with paying numerous debts thus his main intent of establishing his company. He shared his official email address which will allow people and companies to reach him directly.


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