Famous Ex-Inooro Tv Actor Joins Becky Series At Citizen Tv

Another ex-Inooro TV actor famously called Karanja has joined the ongoing Becky series aired at Citizen Tv. If you are a fan of local series, it’s beyond no doubt that you’re so familiar with the series which has gained millions of following at the moment.

Prior to joining the Becky series, Mr Karanja used to feature in a Kikuyu series called Micii Ni Ndogo where he won hearts by his way of acting.

In the “Micii Ni Ndogo” series, he was tasked with the role of the son of a widow who was defending his late dad’s property which was being haunted by his dad’s second wife.

However, his fans are now yearning so seriously to see how he will act in his new role in the Becky series, where he alleged to assume the role of being Becky’s third boyfriend.

In his post which Karanja published on his Facebook page, he said that Becky is a good and humble girl who deserves a boyfriend like him but not Junior or Tito. He told his fans to watch his new role in this series.



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