Kenya’s Celebrity With the Most Unique Names For His Two Children

Since time immemorial, naming has been personal identity to the world. One’s name can either make him/her famous, a laughing stock or unique.

Long ago, naming of children was done under different perspectives depending on culture and customs of a particular Community within which the child is born. Certain kids would be named after seasons, experiences, places, people, events, ancestry and etcetera.

Therefore, it’s arguable to say parents tend to take a lot of time when naming their children so that the name they give their children can have a spiritual, traditional and modern aspect to it.

Whether it’s a spiritual name, or family tradition a good name is a win for the person being named.

Below are some unique baby names that one of the Kenyan celebrities gave to his kids that make the owners of the names stand out:

Keepitreal Favour & Amblessed Wisdom

The two are gospel singer Eko Dydda’s children named ‘Keep-It-Real’ and ‘Am-Blessed’. Eko Dydda seemed to had gotten the memo and the uniqueness of the names of his two children got his children so outstanding on the eyes on Kenyans and in the public sphere.

Years back while speaking at an interview with one of the local dailies, questioned on why they chose to name their kids so uniquely, Ekko Dydda’s betrothed wife, Galia Cynthia Sylvia Dydda, reasoned that they have never wanted to be tribalistic in terms of naming of their children.

“We did not want to give our children names that would align them to any tribe. I left the task of naming our children to him and I was totally ok with the names he came up with… I believe there is so much power in names. The sentence names are a name like any other.” She said.

Apart from Ekko Dydda’s two children, which celebrity in Kenya do you know, that has a very outstanding name for his/her kids? Keep the challenge going on the comment zone.


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