Maina Njenga’s Abduction: Police Implicated, Court Date Announced

Former Mungiki leader, Maina Njenga, is scheduled to face a hearing on December 4 at the Makadara Law courts. Njenga was recently presented before the court alongside his elder brother, Peter Njoroge, and his assistant, Felix Lekishe.

Among the various charges laid against him, Njenga is notably accused of orchestrating the Azimio La Umoja One Kenya protests.

In a concerning turn of events, Njenga was kidnapped and subsequently let go after a 24-hour period. Following his release, he was found in Limuru, within Kiambu County, around 10.15 pm. His captors, upon leaving him there, provided him with fare and sternly cautioned him against disclosing details about the events he’d undergone. Subsequently, Njenga sought transportation via a motorbike to return to his residence in Banana, which was the same location from which he had been previously abducted.

Ndegwa Njiru, Njenga’s legal representative, confirmed the incident and directly implicated the police in the abduction. He asserted, “Maina Njenga was eventually freed by the illicit police task force subsequent to our media briefing.”

Njoroge Kamunya, Njenga’s sibling, also verified his brother’s release.

Njenga’s release happened shortly after statements from the Azimio La Umoja coalition which suggested that Njenga’s captors were rogue officers from the police force. These officers, according to the coalition, did not disclose their identities during the abduction. The coalition’s statement further mentioned, “The kidnappers are likely members of the Special Support Unit, a group infamous for its role in terrorizing Kenyan citizens during protests against taxation. This unit remains operational and seems hell-bent on employing intimidation tactics and possibly inflicting harm on Kenyan civilians.”

The police, up until now, have refrained from making any official remarks about the allegations.

Former Mungiki leader Maina Njenga awaits a court hearing set for December 4 regarding charges related to planning the Azimio La Umoja One Kenya demonstrations. Just recently, he experienced a traumatic event where he was kidnapped and released 24 hours later in Limuru. His legal counsel and the Azimio La Umoja coalition believe that rogue police units are responsible for his abduction, although the police have yet to respond to these claims.


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