Amber Ray & Kennedy Rapudo Finally Unveil The Face of their Daughter

Business man Kennedy Rapudo together with his betrothed wife socialite Faith Makau famously known as Amber Ray, have eventually unveiled the face of their daughter Africanah Rapudo for the first time since they announced the delivery of their blessing on earth.

Taking a short clip of video, not on their social media handles but that of their daughter Africanah Rapudo, commanding a following of 46.2k as of today; the couple happily welcomed their baby’s fourth month in style.

Being that the clip was too brief to tell a lot, however, didn’t mean gossipers would view through and lack a point to take home. In fact, taking a shot to zoom in and out would do even better to tell who the baby resembles between the duo.

From the video, Amber Ray would be seen giving baby Africanah Rapudo some food, with Kennedy Rapudo having sat next to her on the right side.

Photo|Instagram Story: Amber Ray & Kennedy Rapudo’s post on Africanah’s Instagram account

It was crystal clear that baby Africanah seemed to have had accidentally turned her face to the camera as the clip displayed.

This link below, directs you to the exact clip of the video should you have interest to be among the millions who would love to see the 4-month-old baby Africanah Rapudo

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