Ruger Savagely Responds To A Fan Doubting His Mono-eyed State

Nigerian afrobeats artist Michael Adebayo aka Ruger has clarified his mono-eyed state to a doubting Thomas who thought he has been lying to his fans by covering one of his eyes.

Ruger shared a video featuring a series of his growth both physically and musically. He explained the unfortunate event that led to the loss of one of his eyes. However, he expressed his gratitude to God for his current state as he always dreamt of hitting the international music stage.

“All before I lost one of my eyes, I had vivid dreams of being who I am today right from a very young age. I thank God for taking me to where I’m supposed to be in life. And I appreciate everyone that has taken part in this journey I love you all,” Ruger wrote.

However, the post wasn’t taken lightly by one the fan dubbed as Micskillfulgh who indicated that the singer should stop lying to the world as his eyes work perfectly. Additionally, the doubting Thomas noted that he has witnessed whatever he remarked.

“Ruger stop lying, all your eyes are perfect. Not lost any eyes, seen it already,” the fan stated.

In a quick rejoinder, the “Girlfriend” hitmaker retorted that any Ruger with two eyes is only the Kenyan Ruger.

“Any Ruger you see with two eyes is Kenyan Ruger,” the musician remarked.

Kenyan Ruger, Ruger Wa Kayole, is a replica of the original Ruger who has been impersonating the Nigerian singer. Ruger Wa Kayole has gained a great fan base in Kenya where he secures gigs to perform Ruger’s songs around his home town. In a recent interview at BBC Entertainment, the Nigerian singer made it clear that he has no problem with the young man impersonating him as the act promotes his music.


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