Stivo Simple Boy Joins Kenyan-Tanzanian Rap Feud, Defends Khaligraph Jones

Rapper Stivo Simple Boy has thrown jabs at Tanzanian rappers, daring them to challenge him before facing rapper Khaligraph Jones. The dare comes amidst the ongoing rap battle challenge between Kenya and Tanzania.

Via his insta stories, Simple Boy issued the challenge, vowing to outdo any rapper who is ready to face him. He dared prominent Tanzanian rappers like Rosa Ree to engage in a feud with him.

“Naskia mna vita na sisi marapper wa Kenya kabla hamjamfikia @khaligraph jones the Og Kwanza mpitie kwangu niwape ngumi nyeusi michano ya kizagazaga oya @bando_tz kweli Una bandle za vita na ivi @younglunya_tzs umevaa mshipi vizuri @ni_nqesh ebu tusichokeshe @khaliqraph jones ebu mjibu @rosa_ree,” Simple Boy stated.

Credits: screengrab of Simple Boy’s Instagram.

The rap battle challenge was initiated by Papa Jones after he invited Tanzanian rappers for a rap feud to establish who is the best in East Africa. Tanzanian artists didn’t take the challenge lightly as some of them have responded to the self-proclaimed best rapper in Nigeria and East Africa.

Two days ago, Harmonize savagely responded to Khaligraph as he asked him to stop disrespecting Tanzanian artists as they are part of his winnings. Later on, Tanzanian award winning rapper Rosa Ree, made a diss track rejoinder for Papa Jones. The rapper who recently made waves with her nomination in the AFRIMMa (African Muzik Magazine Awards) Best Female Rap Act category for 2023, directly attacked OG in her fiery track.

“Naskia kuna mtu anajaribu kuvuka border🙄 I’m the Best Rapper in AFRICA‼,” she captioned a video in which she was rapping.

Upon spotting the video, Khaligraph made a positive comeback to Ree’s diss track as he acknowledged her trial and engagement in the challenge.


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