Otile Brown Hints On Quitting Music If His Ongoing Project Fails

Renown Kenyan musician Otile Brown has vowed to quit music if his upcoming album does not make it to the top three trending hits in Kenya and Africa at large. The artist has been working on the album for a long time, and this might be one of the reasons he intends it to trend.

According to the “Baby Love” hitmaker, he has invested a lot in the new album’s production. He revealed that most of the tracks on the album express his personal experience. Otile claimed that his plans were for the album to be in the list of top three best albums in Africa as he threatened to quit music if the plan failed.

“I got too much game on my upcoming album, Real Life Experiences. It has to make it to at least the top three best albums in Africa, Just to be fair or else I’m quitting music,” Otile’s Instagram story read.

In yet another post, the musician claimed that he has genuine fans who are always thirsting for his new bangers. He indicated that he doesn’t have to chase clout in order for his songs to trend as his fans are always there to support him.

Additionally, Otile hinted on the possibility of his new album hitting the airwaves next year.

His fans are eagerly waiting for the new album release since the artist have not produced any track in the recent past.


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