Netizens Throw Shades At Karen Nyamu For Flaunting President Ruto’s Outfit

Nominated senator Karen Nyamu has faced backlash from netizens after flaunting President William Ruto’s Kaunda suit on social media.

Nyamu shared a snap of the president donning a Kaunda suit as she praised the outfit. The outspoken politician asked men to secure such suits as they are fashionable.

“Wababas tafuteni Kaunda suit. Hii sasa ndio iko juu,” Nyamu wrote.

Credits: Nyamu’s Facebook.

However, Nyamu’s fans didn’t take the post lightly as some asked her to purchase the outfit for her baby daddy, Samuel Muchoki popularly known as Samidoh, as they didn’t need one. Some alleged that the politician was thirsting for the president secretly. These are some of the reactions:

Gladys Chelash H Ford asked Nyamu to stop thirsting on the president and stick with her “puppet” Samidoh.

Oindo Douglas Mokaya wondered why Nyamu was salivating for Kaunda outfit yet she chose “man on uniform”. He asked her to purchase the suit for Samidoh as to them such outfits are obsolete.

Carlos Snr enquired whether Samidoh owns such a suit.

Zack Opondo asked the politician to purchase the outfit for Samidoh as he(Opondo) already owned one.

This is not the first instance the mother of three is accused of secretly admiring the head of state. In 2022, a viral meme showcased a picture of her keenly looking at the President with a cheeky smile. Her caption on the meme insinuated that the president is one thing she “prays” for.


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