Odinga-led Coalition Continues Protests Amid Bipartisan Talks with Ruto

The Azimio La Umoja One Kenya coalition, under opposition leader Raila Odinga, has decided to maintain its nationwide rallies against high living costs, despite initiating bipartisan talks with President William Ruto’s administration. The coalition had temporarily halted protests earlier in the year when the President agreed to dialogue. Former Agriculture Cabinet Secretary Peter Munya disclosed that Odinga and Ruto have started discussions, mediated by ex-Nigerian President Olusegun Obasanjo, to reconcile differences. The coalition’s main negotiation focus includes addressing high living costs and auditing the 2022 General Election results. The coalition has also called for an investigation into police brutality during recent protests. While there are plans for more meetings, no specific date for future rallies has been confirmed. The last bipartisan discussion ended in resumed protests, violent police clashes, and looting. The coalition has conducted vigils for 50 people it claims died due to severe police brutality during protests. President Ruto has repeatedly urged an end to the protests, seeing them as an ineffective solution, and has committed to preventing any signs of “anarchy.” As the talks and protests proceed simultaneously, the nation waits for a peaceful solution to its critical issues.


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