DJ Fatxo Embraces A New Artistic Look As He Embarks On Music

Kikuyu Mugithi benga artist, Lawrence Njuguna Wagura, aka DJ Fatxo, has embraced a new artistic look after piercing his ears.

This transformation comes in days after the DJ released a new gospel song dubbed as “Ngatho”. YouTuber and content creator Vincent Mboya shared a video that captured the whole piercing process from the time the artist confidently sat in anticipation up to the outcomes. Excitement and nervousness filled the room as Fatxo looked restless despite the piercing artist promising great outcomes.

“Nitakaa aje?”the nervous DJ enquired.

“Utakaa poa…” the piercing artist promised.

Just before the piercing commenced, the DJ expressed discomfort as he attempted to halt the process out of the anticipated pain. However, Fatxo gathered courage and remained calm as the piercing artist skillfully and swiftly did what he does best. In a light-hearted conversation, the DJ playfully teased the artist by stating that he is not an “anti-christ” like him.

Photo credits: screengrab of Mboya’s YouTube.

The DJ’s transformation comes in a time that the court has ordered an inquest on Jeff Mwathi’s death. A total of 35 witnesses are set to testify in order to give a much clear picture on the cause of Mwathi’s death. Mwathi died under unclear circumstances after allegedly jumping off from DJ Fatxo’s storey apartment.


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