Deputy President Gachagua Defends Finance Bill Amid Criticism and Opposition

Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua has encouraged unemployed Kenyans to disregard those who attempt to misguide them regarding the Finance Bill 2023. He assured them that the government will not impose taxes on them since they do not have jobs. Gachagua emphasized that the money required to fund essential services must be collected through the Finance Bill, and he expressed that it is important to explain to the people the necessity of these funds for infrastructure development and the provision of water. Despite criticism from leaders and the public, Gachagua believes that once the reasons for tax collection are properly communicated, people will understand the purpose behind it.

The Finance Bill 2023 has faced strong opposition due to various proposed measures. The Housing Fund intends to enforce a three percent mandatory levy on employees, while creative content may be subject to a 15 percent tax. Additionally, the Bill seeks to double the Value Added Tax on petroleum from 8 percent to 16 percent, leading to potential price increases for fuel and other commodities. Furthermore, there is a proposal for a 10 percent Excise Duty on fish imports.

Opposition leader Raila Odinga has declared that they will regroup and confront President William Ruto if he enforces the Finance Bill on the people. Odinga affirmed that the Opposition will oppose any tax hikes and emphasized the need to reject excessive taxation, which he believes hampers economic growth and burdens Kenyans. He criticized Ruto for adding further strain to the populace and pledged to counter any attempts to undermine Kenya’s democracy.

In summary, Deputy President Gachagua called on unemployed Kenyans to disregard misleading information about the Finance Bill 2023, assuring them that they will not be taxed. However, the proposed bill has faced criticism from leaders and citizens due to the various taxes it introduces. Opposition leader Odinga vowed to resist tax increases and warned President Ruto that they would mobilize against such measures, advocating for the rejection of excessive taxation and its negative impact on the country’s growth.


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