“Mungeniokota Jela Ya Ulaya,” Akothee Rants On The Struggles Of Co-parenting

When it comes to co-parenting, most parents find themselves in a state of dilemma due to their differences in principles and beliefs. Madam Boss is not an exception as she recently explained how tough co-parenting can be at times.

In her Facebook page, Akothee shared a video showcasing her France-based son, Oyoo, undergoing some Catholic rosary teachings in preparation for his baptism. In what she termed as “pain of coparenting”, Akothee revealed that most of the times she is coerced to accept things just because she has to respect her baby daddy’s principles and stands on something. In this case, the mother of five was forced to forsake her Seventh Day Adventist(SDA) religion and allow her son be baptized according to the Catholic religion norms.

“No one will tell you the pain of coparenting but me. In co_oparenting ,at times you are forced to say Yes ,then go cry back on your pillow for the sake of the children. Mimi SDA damu Mimi ,Mtoto wangu anabatizwa Katholik,” the caption partly read.

The self-proclaimed president of single mothers additionally indicated that co-parenting has really humbled her as sometimes she finds herself with no say. However, she noted that she had to give in to his baby daddy’s opinion since she has a Catholic background. Mrs Schweitzer further disclosed that her baby daddy clarified on his kids’ religion from the time she conceived. In Akothee’s opinion, the religion conflict can never escalate since both religions serve one supernatural being.

“Nothing can humble you in this life BIT LIFE WILL HUMBLE YOU AHAA .Oyoo joining the mtoto wa misa . at least I have a Catholic background sio shakahola ,Bure mungeniokota jela ya ulaya.
It’s called .Co_oparenting. Baba Oyoo made it clear from conception He is not an SDA therefore his child is JACATHOLIC. BORA MUNGU NI MMOJA
Aaah”, Akothee wrote.


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