Deputy President Gachagua Spearheads Deputy President Reforms for Kenyan Farmers

Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua has been entrusted by President William Ruto with overseeing coffee reforms, and he recently outlined the reasons behind this decision during a national Coffee Summit in Meru County. Gachagua assured coffee farmers that his involvement stems from President Ruto’s knowledge of his incorruptible nature and lack of personal interest in the subsector. He emphasized his commitment to improving the financial well-being of farmers and expressed his passion for coffee and its potential for generating income.

Gachagua explained that President Ruto wanted to address the concerns of farmers, as he had made a commitment to the Kenyan people. The deputy president further revealed that the task at hand holds personal significance for him since he has firsthand experience of coffee’s economic impact. He was entrusted with coordinating various ministries due to his deep-rooted passion for the crop. Gachagua firmly believed in the success of coffee reforms, drawing from his own positive experiences.

In his address, Gachagua emphasized his determination to tackle cartels in the coffee sector and restore the dignity of Kenyan farmers. He sent a clear message to those who have been exploiting farmers and skimming profits, warning them that their time is up. Gachagua stressed that it would no longer be business as usual and urged the cartels and middlemen to either align with the reforms or face consequences.

The primary objective of the proposed coffee reforms, according to Gachagua, is to empower farmers to increase their earnings. The removal of brokers would enable farmers to sell their products directly, resulting in higher profits. Gachagua expressed confidence in the success of these reforms and assured the audience that failure was not an option. He called for unity and cooperation to bring about positive change in the coffee sector.

In summary, Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua has been given the responsibility of overseeing coffee reforms by President William Ruto. Gachagua emphasized his integrity and lack of personal interest in the subsector, vowing to prioritize the financial well-being of coffee farmers. He pledged to confront cartels and middlemen, aiming to eliminate their exploitative practices. The coffee reforms aim to empower farmers by removing brokers and allowing direct sales, ultimately increasing their earnings. Gachagua expressed confidence in the success of the reforms and urged collective effort to bring about positive transformation in the coffee sector.


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