Eric Omondi’s Savage Response To Moses Kuria’s Regret Remarks

Outspoken Trade Cabinet Secretary(CS) Moses Kuria on July 7 expressed regret for having sponsored comedian Eric Omondi’s trip to the United States seven years ago, in bid to support the comedian’s career, saying that he would have used the money for personal enjoyment since Eric has now turned against the Government.

Eric Omondi has always been at the forefront in any movement aimed at airing the public’s grievances to the Government. The comedian is known for slamming the current regime over what he terms as a betrayal to the common mwananchi by the Government, a tendency that has been labelled by Moses Kuria as unfair criticism on the Government.

“Ni lazima tuwe watu ambao tunajilinganisha na dunia nzima. Nimeskia Eric akisema ni kijana. Miaka saba iliyopita nilichukua pesa yangu nikampeleka America ndio aone vile dunia iko. Saa hii vile anaongea, afadhali ningetumia hio pesa kwa sherehe.”Kuria said in an interview.

Responding to Kuria’s statement, Eric Omondi sponsored himself on a lunch trip to the U.K., jokingly saying that he is now able to sponsor himself without relying on anyone like before.

In a video shared by the comedian, he is seen showing off his plane ticket to the U.K as he walked around the airport. He then continues to record while on his seat saying that he is thankful to God for enabling him to facilitate himself as he emphasized on how he had to do the video for Moses Kuria.

“Naenda UK just kuonyesha Moses Kuria. Aliniongelesha jana leo just to show him i can go. Mungu amenibariki.” He said.

He requested Kuria not to support the 15% taxation on content creators so that the youth can also be able to fly themselves out in the coming years just like he is doing now courtesy of zero taxation on content creators by previous regimes.

“Mimi nikikujibu nakujibu na action. Thank you bwana Kuria for Sponsoring my tour 7 years ago but please don’t tax content creators 15% so that they are able to tour on their own. Wewe unaelewa struggle ya vijana na wasanii ambia Orezo awapatie time kwanza wa grow,” he said.

Photo: A screengrab of Eric Omondi in the UK flight

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