Vice Chair of UDA Abandons Ruto Due to Housing Fund Levy

Seth Panyako, the Vice Chairperson of the United Democratic Alliance (UDA), has announced his departure from the party led by President William Ruto. Panyako made this declaration during the funeral of former politician Joseph Hamisi in Kakamega on Saturday, May 27. He cited his disagreement with the government’s stance on the Housing Fund Levy as the reason for his resignation.

After a brief meeting with President Ruto at 7 pm, Panyako realized that he could not continue in his role due to his opposition to the housing fund and the high cost of living. In light of this, he decided to step down from his position at UDA, expressing his commitment to stand with the Kenyan people. Panyako highlighted the shift in President Ruto’s approach since winning the 2022 Presidential Elections as a contributing factor to his decision.

In a press conference on May 14, Panyako accused President Ruto of neglecting workers and deviating from their expectations. He urged Ruto to reconsider his policies and remain faithful to the promises made during the campaign period. Panyako specifically mentioned the increased taxation on workers and questioned the decision to remove VAT on helicopters while raising it on petroleum products.

With his resignation, Panyako has distanced himself from UDA and emphasized his alignment with the concerns and welfare of the citizens.


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