Jackson ole Sapit Cautions Against Erroneous Teachings, Raises Concerns about Homosexuality

During the burial of Bishop Beneah Salala in Kakamega, Archbishop Jackson ole Sapit of the Anglican Church of Kenya (ACK) urged Christians to be cautious of clergy members spreading false teachings. He expressed concern over the detrimental impact of ignorance on unsuspecting churchgoers.

Archbishop Sapit cited examples of individuals misusing the Bible, such as advocating fatal fasting practices, which deviate from genuine religious doctrine. He also cautioned against following Yesu wa Tongaren, an impersonator misleading his followers, while acknowledging that this individual had been released due to lack of evidence.

Additionally, Sapit addressed the issue of the Shakahola sect led by Paul Makenzi in Kilifi, which allegedly caused the loss of nine lives in Kakamega County. He advised locals to thoroughly examine churches before joining them.

Furthermore, the archbishop strongly criticized the rise of LGBTQ movements, considering them as foreign and contrary to biblical teachings.


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