Why Rayvanny Broke Up With Paula

Bongo star Rayvanny has disclosed reasons for ending love affair with Tanzanian actor Paula Kajala. He claimed that he broke up with Paula after finding out that she cheated with someone has ultimate respect for in the music industry and his career.

In a heated and bitter back and forth between the two, Rayvanny opted for his Insta stories to spill the beans.

“I am proud of you and your new relationship but you don’t know why we breakup up and let me tell you… the day you fucked my brother whom I respect so much in my music career, I knew that was the end of our relationship. I changed my mind and ask yourself know who was taking the other for granted.” He jotted.

Paula, having gotten offended by the remarks, quickly responded with a long post on Instagram denying the musician’s claims. Paula turned the tables to Rayvanny , accusing him of cheating with close friends. She added that Rayvanny was still dating Fahyvanny while also dating her.

“I regret meeting and knowing you because you have made the whole world see me as a whore and a bad person. I wish I had remained a virgin. You let the world abuse me because of your stupidity. You let them think that I ‘stole’ you, but you are the one who followed me.” She wrote.

The two had broken up in September 2022 but Rayvanny has since gone back to his baby mama and ex-wife, Fahyma a.k.a Fahyvanny. Paula introduced her new man recently, saying she will not date any other man incase the relationship fails.


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