Justina Wamae Urges Government to Alleviate Burden of High Taxes

Justina Wamae, former vice presidential candidate for the Roots Party, has called on the government to consider the financial hardships faced by Kenyans before implementing additional taxes. Wamae emphasized that the current economic climate is challenging for citizens and urged the government to spare them from further tax burdens.

Addressing the government, Wamae highlighted that the role of the opposition is to criticize, while leadership requires attentiveness to the concerns expressed by Kenyans. She encouraged the government to review its plans and listen to the voices of the people, disregarding the noise generated by political rivals such as Azimio la Umoja One Kenya.

Regarding the internal conflicts within the Jubilee Party, Wamae cautioned dissenting members to resign if they continue to disrupt party unity. Sharing her personal experience, she disclosed that she was previously a member of Jubilee but left after losing in the party’s Mavoko parliamentary seat nominations.

Wamae stressed the importance of sanitizing Kenyan politics to establish a politically healthy nation. She urged individuals to join political parties based on their beliefs in the party’s principles and ideologies, discouraging opportunistic affiliations aimed solely at personal gain, particularly among the youth.

During a recent appearance on Radio Maisha’s morning show, Wamae stated that if she and Roots Party leader George Wajackoyah had won the presidency, their government would have prioritized job creation for the youth.


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