Diamond Platnumz’s Alleged New Lover Throws Jab at Zari

The feud between Diamond’s rumored Ghanaian girlfriend Fantana and Zari Hassan has escalated after the two were involved in an online backlash. The Ghanaian singer rose to limelight after being feature on Netflix’s Young famous and African season two.

Zari seemed to have completely been vexed by Fantana’s romantic engagements with Diamond in the show. For that reason she took to social media to throw shade at Fantana, pointing at her appearance and career. The south African-based businesswoman also called out Diamond for dragging her in his conversations with other women.( Diamond had told Fantana that Zari wanted more children with him.)

“I am a self-made billionaire, and I will not have your sperm bins (put me in a category I don’t belong) failed music career with 5 bbls, face like he/she, and still couldn’t get to be noticed.”Fired Zari.

Ghanaian singer Montana

In a quick rejoinder, Fantana fired back at Zari, accusing her of leading a fake lifestyle on social media.

“Failed career? What have you achieved by the time you were 25? You found access to an iPhone and bought internet and built a fake life,” Fantana told Zari, adding that Zari is married to a high school student, that is, Shakib Lutaaya.

It is alleged that Fantana might be Diamond’s new girl.


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