Lupita Nyong’o Reveals The Inspiration Behind Her Henna Art Bald Hairstyle

Black Panther star, Lupita Nyong’o, has created a buzz on social media after sharing her new henna art hairstyle. Nyong’o left people with wagging tongues as she stole the show at the premiere of Mira Nair’s Monsoon Wedding at St Ann’s Warehouse.

In a long post accompanied by a series of her photos on Instagram, Nyong’o revealed the inspiration behind her exquisite bald henna art hairstyle. The stylist actress narrated how she met her henna artist, Sabeen, a year and a half ago at wedding in Pakistan. Sabeen did a great masterpiece to the bride and that left Nyong’o astounded by the intricacy and beauty of her work.

“I met @hennabysabeen last year at a wedding in Pakistan. She did the #HennaDesign for the bride, and I was astounded by the intricacy and beauty of her work,” Nyong’o wrote in part.

In her recent invitation at the opening night of her friend Mira Nair, the actress scrambled to come up with an outstanding outfit for the occasion to no avail. The Mexican-Kenyan lady disclosed that she opted to ask a friend for a sari and jewelry. However, she still felt incomplete and she had to come up with a new idea for an exquisite look. That’s when she came up with the idea of henna art covering her bald head although she has never done it before and neither do Sabeen.

The duo decided to give it a trial and bear the consequences of any hiccup that might have arisen from the art. To their surprise, the henna art turned out just perfect and left them grinning.

Nyong’o was glad for it never turned as funny as they both anticipated. She described the look as bold and elegant with a point of view. The actress advised her fans to dare themselves and seek out beauty in new ways.

“It was beautiful. It was bold and elegant; it had a point of view. We hadn’t played it safe and it had paid off. And I had found a new way to express myself without hair!” the actress stated.

The actress’ new hairstyle has since then gone viral and the whole world can’t keep calm about it.


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