Noti Flow Finds Out Her New Man Is A High School Student

The paws of shock has slapped rapper Noti Flow, after she found out that her new lover is way too younger than her.

Noti Flow had shared a video of herself and her new man identified as Idris, sharing a cute moment in their first date earlier this month, as they romantically shared a passionate osculation.

According to Noti Flow, they met in Nairobi moments after connecting in a TikTok live.

Now in a series of posts in her insta stories, the singer has expressed her disappointment after the revelation, especially now that she has fallen deep for the man.

“He would have finished high school at 20 but didn’t get the grade he had anticipated and so he went back to Form 3. Now he’s in his last year.” Noti wrote.

“He told me this a day after we had met. After I’ve already posted the video. Boy was devastated. He thought I was very mad at him and probably won’t talk to him,” she added.

However, despite the shock, Noti Flow has come to terms with the reality and forgiven Idris as she said that she has understood and ready to wait for him to get done with school.

“But I’m a very understanding human. He called me and apologised and explained everything. He said his feelings for me were real even though everything else was not. So I forgave him and promised to wait for him. December ain’t far if the feelings are genuine,” she said.

This comes after Noti dumped her girlfriend King Alami who had an accident that led to one of her hands being amputated.It was alleged that King Alami jumped off the building after a dispute with Noti Flow.

It went bad to an extent of King Alami’s family warning Noti from ever talking to King Alami. Noti later revealed that Alami was very mad at her and promises to stab her whenever they’d meet.


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