Babu Owino: Kenyan Ladies are a Tourist Attraction, Don’t Tax Their Wigs

Debate on the controversial 2023 Financial Bill continue to hit hard on impervious rocks across the country, deriving diverse viewpoints from different Kenyans.

With senior most leaders also feeling restless on the same debate, Embakasi East MP Babu Owino could not find comfort on his seat, a matter that has consequently forced him to laud his sentiment.

According to the vocal Azimio MP, the 2023 Financial Bill proposed by President William Ruto’s administration, seeks to lay on Kenyans huge burden that is unbearable to almost every household in the country, adding that it’s a huge set back to Kenyans amidst high cost of living.

Hon. Babu Owino, taking a specific hit on plans to tax beauty and cosmetic products, among them eyelashes, wigs, weaves and fake men beards, said the decision will in the long run set the government into a pitfall of losses.

According to him, making these products more expensive to Kenyan ladies means making them unaffordable whose results will be billions of losses in the sector.

He further down-poured cold water on the government, terming the regime feminine.

“A government that is stealing from our ladies is not a good government, and a real man should not steal from ladies.” He said during an inclusive interview with some media house in the country.

After attending a beauty therapy, according to Babu, Kenyan ladies become more attractive to the tourists visiting Kenya, hence bringing more revenue to the government.

Our ladies are now putting on these wigs, the weaves to attract tourists. And the main tourist attraction in this country are our beautiful ladies,” Babu added.

The MP further castigated Ruto’s administration, saying the only thing they have failed to tax is Oxygen


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