Yesu Wa Tongaren Now Wants A Token Of Appreciation From Journalists – Hawanipeeko Hata Kasoda

Self proclaimed ‘Jesus’ famously known as Yesu wa Tongaren, has recently caused a buzz online after requesting journalists who interview him to appreciate him with some token.

The ‘hawanipeeko hata kasoda’ remark from the Bungoma based preacher, Eliud Wekesa stirred a conversation with many opinions being spit out, both negative and positive.

Mr. Eliud believes that journalists draw huge amounts of money from the regular interviews they conduct with him. He added that many people had informed him that journalists have profited considerably from their engagements with him yet him on the other hand wasn’t benefiting at all.

Yesu wa Tongaren was speaking to the press after grilling by the DCI at the DCI offices on Wednesday.

“Wanahabari, sitahofia kuongea hili. Wengi wananiambia mmetajirika sana. Lakini hata wakija huku nyumbani hawanipeeko hata soda…( Journalists, am going to say this without fear, many have told me that you’ve greatly benefited. But when you come to me you don’t even give me something small.” he said.

He expressed his disappointment at the apparent reluctance of journalists to extend any form of appreciation to him, even in the form of a modest contribution of just one thousand shillings.

“Wacha niseme wasikie. Ata shilingi tu elfu moja mpe yesu ni ngumu sana. lakini naskia tu watu wakisema kwa nini hawakupeeko kitu,Hii mambo iko. Lakini huwa siangalii hayo maana hii kazi haikuja tu kwa njia rahisi,” he said, which loosely translates to, ” Let me tell them. It is even hard for them to give ‘Jesus’ a thousand shilling. But I hear people ask why they don’t appreciate me. Anyway, that is not my focus but this work did not come easyly.”


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