Pritty Vishy Expresses Fears of Having Her Boyfriend Associating with Male Friends

Young entrepreneur Purity Vishenwa alias Pritty Vishy has denounced never allowing her next boyfriend to have a best friend irrespective of the gender.

According to Vishy who shared her fear on her Instagram story, this generation is nolonger trusted as any person wandering within the social cycle of your boyfriend can be one of those persons he cheats with.

She wrote:

In my next relationship, I won’t allow my boyfriend to have a best friend hata kama ni maanaume.”

Revealing some of the genuine reasons to back up her opinion, she said the man finding himself within the ambiance of her boyfriend’s life can either be her boyfriend’s wife or her boyfriend being transfigured into doing male duties to the fellow man.

That man can marry my man or my man can marry the man.” Read in part of her Instagram story.

She added:

Ogopa hii generation.”


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