Pastor James Ng’ang’a: Thee Pluto Show is Full of Dirty Words

Pastor Ng’ang’a has poked holes on the famous Loyalty Test Show hosted by Thee Pluto, claims it’s full of dirty words.

Via the viral video clip shared by DJKrizwhiz254 on TikTok, the founder of Neno Evangelism Church James Ng’ang’a has told his church members that he happened to give his eyes some little work on Thee Pluto’s contents.

Nikaambiwa ebu fungua Pluto, sasa si nikanda kwa YouTube, nikaandika Pluto. Nikafungua kumbe ni ule kijana. Eh! SiJui wana cheat huyu anakuja na simu yake na huyu kijana na simu yake. sasa sikjui zinafanyiwa sanitising,” Ng’ang’a said.

However, he insisted he saw nothing worth impressing him in that show claiming that the dirty words Thee Pluto uses are misleading to this generation.

Sasa ile mambo watoto hawa wanaongea hapo na ujue baba yake ako na whatsapp na Facebook,” he added.

Normally, the show aims to sanitize any kind of intimate relationship cutting across the dating partners to married couple.

Primarily, the host intends to bring into limelight one who deceives the other partner by unveiling the unfaithful partner not only to the public but to their mates as well.

To achieve this, Thee Pluto normally ask partners to exchange their phones then allow each other to deeply frisk through their phones, checking any suspicious content they might come across, within their partner’s devices.

If you’re simply blank on this topic, just get to your phone and search on the YouTube and you’ll have your questions answered.


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