Mother Recalls Having Nightmares Following The Brutal Murder Of Her Children

Nature may be unjust, and the suffering of one woman in Kisii is still intensifying.

25-year-old Teresa Mongina describes the agonizing week that has passed since her kids were fatally hacked. At their residence in Kiobegi, Bobasi constituency, Kisii county, the incident took place.

Nelson Momanyi, Mongina’s husband, has now been charged with the killing by police. Mongina says, “I feel like I’m going through a lengthy night with a dreadful dream.

Deep slashes were found on the heads of Glory and Michelle’s bodies when they were found in a maize farm. Every time the young mother talks about her gorgeous children, she now experiences pain. She recalls the terrifying incidents, recalling gory pictures and a hint of real emotion.

Mongina said, “I just can’t sleep because the pictures of Glory and Michelle being murdered by someone they had called dad all along haunt me.” When she departed for the farms on Thursday morning, everything happened. Except for the two dead children, she was joined by other kids.

Mongina explained between sobs, “It could have been better had my mind grow numb and forget everything, but this is not happening. She entered a man with mental disabilities’ arms carrying three little children. He also experienced seizures.

According to Mongina, “He may transform at any moment into a rabid bull carrying a panga ready to murder everyone on sight.” One day, when the tantrums were really bad and he threatened to kill her and the kids, they had to tie him up. Villagers took him to a Pentecostal church for prayers, but they were ineffective because of their desperation.

She was in the farmers on the morning of the Black Thursday. Except for the two who were killed, she was joined by three other kids. After an hour, she had a nasty notion. She promptly returned home to see how the other kids were doing. Her husband had shut the door on himself.

Yet, when she asked, he firmly assured her via the window that the kids were secure. She didn’t realize something was wrong until he opened the door and she saw a bloodied panga resting against the wall. She silently and quickly surveyed the vacant beds before leaving.


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