Willy Paul Warns Men Ahead of Valentine’s Day

Kenya’s award winning musician Wilson Abubakar Radio popularly known by his stage name Willy Paul, has dropped a warning to men prior to the Valentine’s day.

The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and founder of Saldido International Entertainment took to his Instagram account the experience he has had with the ladies of this generation, most especially with those that reside at urban areas.

According to him, this category of women are far from nearing the mark of being a wife material.

The 2013 Groove Awards winner alongside his mentor Gloria Muliro, described the urban-based ladies to be deceitful to men and no longer straight forward and committed to relationships.

He wrote.

My fellow men let us look for wife materials ushago tuwasafishe wang’are vile tunataka…Hawa wa TikTok na IG ni mapepo…one minute uko na yeye hapa Nairobi the next minute akona na baba Kamau Mombasa na aka change Hadi jina.

Further, the ‘I Do’ hitmaker termed the urban-based ladies; those that are more knowledgeable on Instagram and TikTok as poisonous and should be out-of-bound of every man dreaming to choose a lifetime partner.

Photo: Willy Paul’s Instagram Post

One thing I’ve realized is, Hawa madem wa Instagram ni sumu…” He added.

This comes even as Men’s Conference plans are underway as been advocated by popular Citizen TV reporter Stephen Letoo.

A meeting also scheduled to happen on the same day of Valentine; 14th February 2023.

As revealed days ago, the meeting aims at empowering men and bringing up men who are committed to their families, wives and children.


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