Kigumo MP Disregards Azimio Rallies,Says They Will Not Succeed In Destabilizing The Government

Kigumo Member of Parliament (MP) Joseph Munyoro has dismissed efforts by the Azimio la Umoja-One Kenya coalition to destabilize the government saying they will not bear any fruits.

In his speech to his constituents where he was issuing bursaries to deserving students, Munyoro confirmed that the Kenya Kwanza government is well established with all its focus directed towards service delivery to the people of Kenya and therefore the Raila-led rallies will at no cost affect it.

The United Democratic Alliance MP further claimed that the fact that Azimio are the minority,it will be a tussle for them to realize their goal.

“I don’t think this strategy will work for them because they are the minority and we are the majority with the popular mandate,” he said.

He also dismissed the ongoing havoc in Azimio saying that all the elected leaders have the right to meet the President to discuss the issues that are affecting their people.

“The country is in a crisis and the leaders should put their heads together to come up with a solution for their people.”

“The uproar from the Azimio side is uncalled for because meeting the president does not necessarily mean shifting of camps,” he said.


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