Pastor Illagosa’s Father Gives Stand: My Son Was Poisoned

The late pastor Ilagosa wa Ilagosa’s father has confirmed to friends and fans of the artist that his late son was food poisoned.

While speaking to the media personalities as the burial arrangements is underway, the father of the late gospel musician, also a pastor; said that some friend poisoned Ilagosa when they were on a trip.

Based on his sentiments, the poison that lead to Ilagosa’s death later on, was seemingly dipped into his food during that trip.

According to what people say, my son was poisoned by a friend. He added poison to his food during a trip and it came to affect him.” He told the media.

The devastated father went ahead to give a warning to people, asking them to take precautions on the kind of people interacting within their social cycles.

In addition, he expressed his gratitude to the fans and close friends of his late son for having been available to channel their support during this hectic and remorseful moment.

Even as days keep collapsing, Pastor Ilagosa wa Illagosa’s burial is scheduled on Thursday 16th Februay, 2022.

The burial is expected to be conducted at his home in Vihiga county and in his briefing with media, Ilagosa’s father asked friends who are willing to attend and see they pay their last tribute


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