Ilagosa’s Father Reveals The Cause Of His Death

The father of the late gospel Musician and pastor Ilagosa wa Ilagosa has disclosed the cause of his son’s demise,saying that Ilagosa was poisoned.

The unhappy father while speaking to the media during the memorial service of the gospel artist, stated that someone who Ilagosa might have regarded as a friend poisoned him when they were on a trip.He further said that it is the poison that greatly affected him doing away with his life.

“According to what people say, my son was poisoned by a friend. He added poison to his food  during a trip and it came to affect him.”The father said while issuing a stern warning to people to always be sure of the people they keep around them.

The father attributed kindness, respect and obedience to his late son Ilagosa ,describing him as a child of great help to the family through his music career. He added that his son renovated his house and he was a great source of joy and happiness to his family.

Ilagosa died on 3rd February while receiving treatment at st Mary’s Hospital Langata, after ailing for two months.


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