Ruto: Kenya To Establish A New Embassy In Morocco

Kenyan President William Ruto pledged on Thursday to open an embassy in Morocco by the end of the year, indicating a continued emphasis on strengthening ties with one of North Africa’s most powerful countries.

He made the announcement after establishing the Kenyan Chancery in Dakar, Senegal, to strengthen the presence of Kenya’s embassy, which opened in 2019 and is currently led by Purity Muhindi.

The embassy in Senegal was the first for Kenya in Francophone West Africa, and it was established as a result of Nairobi’s failure to win votes for Ms Amina Mohamed, the African Union Commission chairperson candidate, in 2017.

Kenya seeks to “open trade and investment opportunities for Kenyans” by extending its diplomatic presence throughout Africa, according to a statement from the Presidential Communication Service (PCS) on Thursday. Kenya also wants to “nurture mutually beneficial connections.”

Kenya is converting its relationship from an honorary consulate to a complete embassy by opening a mission in Rabat, Morocco. The three largest economies in the north of the continent, Egypt, Algeria, and Morocco, would all host Kenyan embassies as a result.

From the moment he took office, President Ruto’s connections to Morocco were evident. His administration had posted a divisive tweet promising to sever connections with the Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic and reiterating Nairobi’s long-standing support for self-determination.

A portion of Western Sahara that the Sahrawis claim is really considered Moroccan territory. A day later, Kenya would retract its stance, showing that it was still supporting the African Union’s demand for a vote to determine the destiny of Western Sahara.

President Ruto met with Kenyans who were residing in Senegal, according to PCS. He assured them that the embassy will make getting services easier for them and serve as their point of contact with the Senegalese government and the private sector.


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