Sakaja Charged With Sending Goons To Strike UDA MCA

Following a goon attack on him as he entered his office at City Hall on Thursday morning, Nairobi County Assembly Minority Whip Mark Mugambi now alleges that his life is in danger.

The UDA member who had some bruises on his forehead and chest told reporters that he had been made aware of the attack’s scheduled timing on Wednesday evening but didn’t believe it would take place.

The incident has been connected to the existing disputes in the assembly, where factions have formed as a result of political disagreements, by Mugambi, who is also the Umoja One Ward Representative.

“Two individuals that I knew approached me as I was getting out of my car around 7.30 in the morning. One of them struck me, and the other tore my shirt apart and ran off with my smart watch,” said Mugambi.

Since then, he has reported the event to Central Police and gotten an O.B. Mugambi claimed that when his two assailants fled, they were yelling “heshimu Governor.” However, he declared that he won’t be frightened and that he’ll keep performing his supervisory duties.

The worst that may happen is my death, but I hope we don’t get there since I have a young family and a lot of dependents, he continued. “No amount of intimidation can stop me from performing my oversight work,” he said.


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