Gachagua’s Order To Outlaw 24-hour Clubs Has Kigame’s Support

The present discussion surrounding alcohol consumption, according to evangelist Reuben Kigame, is not a Mount Kenya issue.

This comes after the Mt. Kenya region’s 24 hour clubs were targeted for closure by Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua. Kigame stated in a statement on Friday that the nation should approach the issue of alcoholism with more reason and less anger.

“The present conversation in Kenya about alcohol is not simply a Mount Kenya issue. I’m from Vihiga, and I bemoan the fact that before 8 am, a lot of young people are already intoxicated, making it impossible for them to work even if I found them a job. We require national dialogue and rehabilitation “added said.

According to Kigame, the nation’s high alcohol taxes stimulate the production of illegal harmful beverages.

He claimed that as a result of Kenya’s social and economic problems, individuals have turned to alcohol as a coping mechanism. He claimed that the best way to combat intoxication was to deal with mental stress, increase investment in mental wellbeing, reduce the standard of life, and deliver the proper sermons in our churches.

“The locations and operating hours of the bars should be limited. Being caught drinking while you’re supposed to be working during the day should be made criminal.”

All bars should close at nine o’clock, according to him, and patrons should then head home.

“I’ve been a Christian for more than 40 years, and I’ve read the Bible carefully, but I’ve never come across a passage that forbids drinking. Alcohol abuse or drunkenness is what is denounced. Although I don’t drink, I think that the Bible favors moderation in alcohol consumption “Kigame threw in.

He declared that the nation must have mercy on individuals who are battling alcoholism. He claimed that women and children should be the main subjects of discussion while addressing alcoholism because they are responsible for the requirements of the family’s education, food, housing, and health.


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