Zuchu Warns Future Husband Against Expecting Big Booty From Her

The Bongo star Zuhura Othman best known as Zuchu has warned her husband-to-be, not to have high expectations of her in terms of her ‘sitting allowance’.

On her Snap chat account, the ‘sukari hit maker’ noted that there could be chances her future husband is having ultimate fantasies about her physical appearance yet she knows that her body cannot meet any ridiculous assumptions and expectations by a man.

She says that the ‘man’ to know that her booty is not as big as many men prefer.

“Mpendwa mume wangu mtarajiwa, najua huko ulipo una matarajio makubwa sana juu ya mwonekano wangu, ila naomba nikuondolee tarajio moja, sina taako mpenzi,” Zuchu wrote.

“Dear future husband, I know you have high expectations about my appearance. I just want you not to expect a bigger booty from me since I don’t have one”

For a long time, the singer from Zanzibar has been alleged to be in a relationship with her boss Diamond Platnumz.

Diamond and Zuchu publicly went public with their romantic relationship for the first time in November 2022.

Zuchu publicly poured out her heart to Diamond Platnumz for the first time while performing in the US.

Diamond, on his part, decided to publicly declare his undying love to Zuchu on her birthday, sharing a video that captured their romantic moments together.


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