Gospel Artist Nicah Accuse Luo Secular Singer of Sabotaging Her Relationship with DJ Slahver

Dj Slahver fiance, gospel musician Nicah the Queen has warned Luo Benga singer Emma Jalamo to stop sending her money because she is in a serious relationship.

Nicah, while taking this saga to her Instagram page, expressed frustrations with the unrelenting singer Emma Jalamo saying the Luo Singer started by making calls and texts to her during odd hours.

It then took space into the atmosphere of social media where Mr Emma Jalamo made it a habit of posting her on Facebook.

“You started with calls at weird hours of the night now it has escalated to you posting me on Facebook,” read in the post of Nicah on her Instagram page.

DJ Slahver’s lover further claimed that Emma Jalamo even sent her ksh. 200k that she reversed.

She also accused the renowned Luo artist of following her to Mombasa after seeing her diary that she posted on her Instagram page, only to come and dumping a huge offer of flight to Malaysia to her.

“You saw my posts on Instagram and followed me to Mombasa offering me tickets to Malaysia and a blank cheque. Please I’m not a socialite or a gold digger to accept such offers!I told you I’m engaged and all you kept saying was you don’t care.” She further added.

At the moment, Nicah is frustrated since her man saw some photos and walked out on her and the kids in Mombasa, troubled not to know where they are till now.

This saddening story has sparkled mixed reactions from her fan base as otherwise sympathize with her while majority believe she’s clout chasing.


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