Singer Rose Muhando Disappointed With Quality of Her Latest Video: Curses The Director

East African popular gospel singer, Rose Muhando has cursed her latest video producer, Joowzey, over poor quality end product of her most recent video.

In a viral video clip that was shared by a TikTok user going by the name Skyney, the Tanzanian artist dusted Joowzey’s work, blaming him for being used by Muhando’s foes to downfall the singer.

Further, the ‘Kama ni Mbaya, Mbaya’ composer Mrs Muhando described the output being blurry and dark making images invisible.

“You have failed me, you’re giving me a bad video, a black video, people aren’t visible,” lamented Rose Muhando.

Crying over the huge amount she invested in ensuring that she comes out with a quality video, Rose Muhando revealed she is left with empty pockets.

She said, “I spent a lot of money to shoot this video, remember I’m a gospel singer, I don’t have a lot of money.”

Eventually, she watered director Joowzey with huge lumps of curses adding that the video producer has gone against God’s will and must face the wrath of God.

“I say this before the living God, according to what you have done to me and how you have wronged God and his work, may God examine your work, your life, and everything you do, God will punish you for what you have done to me,” she said.


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