Funnyman MCA Tricky Reveals Having Interest in Marrying Charlene Ruto

Kenya’s all-time funny man Francis Munyao alias MCA Tricky, has shown his interest in tying a knot this year 2023 and sets his eyes on President Ruto’s first daughter Charlene Ruto.

While holding a microphone during his set in the recent famous Churchill Live show that took place in Eldoret, the comedian cracked ribs of the show’s attendees, hilariously hinting on what it would mean for him to be Ruto’s son-in-law.

In comical lines of his shots, the comedian tipped fans to help him smell the location and movements of first daughter Charlene Ruto, saying should he find her, his next agenda would be to make her a life partner.

“Mkinionea yule msichana anaitwa Charlene Ruto mniambie. Nikipata Charlene Ruto leo, namuoa jana. Imagine nikumuoa, atakuwa hapa kama First Lady na mimi niko hapo kama first of all. Yaani Charlene ni bibi yangu, nikiingia State House kila kitu ni mzuri,” he said.

Sweeter than honey, his statements fractured crowd into stitches like broken pieces of a glass.

Tricky continued dropping his lines, even going further to fantasize how their conversation with the Head of State would sound.

He said President Ruto’s piece of advice to him would be nothing serious if not asking him to handle Charlene carefully.

“Huyu hana maneno mingi bora tu umbebe kama mayai, si unajua mayai ndio imemlea, na incase hata usote, ukose unga, ukose nyama, mpatie tu kachumbari na smokie,” he added.

Speaking on the behavioral change he would have should he land into the dream paradise, he promised to part ways with comedy and only commit to his marriage.

He said, “Naacha utoto yote yenye nafanya kwa maisha, naconcentrate na ndoa tu, mimi na yeye tu.”


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