Sakaja Criticized Over Private Chopper Ride To Kisumu,Accused Of Misusing Public Funds

Nairobi governor Johnson Sakaja has come under criticism after he landed at the Jomo Kenyatta International Stadium in Kisumu in a chopper.

Among the critics was the political analyst Herman Manyora who even had a heated online exchange with Sakaja as he insinuated the Governor was misusing public funds to facilitate his trip.

Sakaja went to Kisumu to attend Kenya Inter-County Sports and Cultural Association (KICOSCA) Games where Nairobi county emerged as the overall best team in Kenya.

Through a tweet,Sakaja congratulated his county team for the win,saying how proud he really was a proud Governor.

“Congratulations Team Nairobi for emerging overall best team at Kenya Inter-County Sports and Cultural Association (KICOSCA) Games held in Kisumu County. I’m extremely proud of you all! Siku Zote. Thank you H.E AnyangNyongo for being such a gracious host,” Sakaja tweeted.

Amidst critics,Manyora escalated everything when he reacted to another tweep castigating Sakaja.

“How will he show us that he’s a big man? And show the world how stupid we are,” Manyora tweeted.

Sakaja hit back at Manyora in a quick rejoinder, insisting that he paid for his trip with his own money.

“Why are you angry at how I spend my money? Did someone hurt you? My personal travel is paid for privately not by public funds,” Sakaja tweeted.

In response, Manyora had this to say;

“I’m sorry boss. It’s just that I have a little problem drawing a line between public money and personal money; I know how much these things cost.”

In response, Sakaja went on to explain that he has no appetite for wasting public resources, revealing that he even declined an offer to purchase a new official vehicle and the governor’s residence.

“In other words you doubt my ability to afford it anyway Prof, please don’t always assume the worst first. I wouldn’t unnecessarily use public funds for such travel. I even declined to purchase new official vehicles for myself and 500m for a Governor’s residence.”

The exchange ended with Manyora asking Sakaja for a permission to further investigate the matter, which he was outrightly granted.


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