Erick Omondi Opens Up On Why He Is Pessimistic About Marriage

Self-proclaimed president of comedy in Africa Eric Omondi has come out to express how he has had an issue with marriage for quite some time.

Speaking on NTV’s The Wicked Edition, the comedian revealed that in as much as he is seeing someone he doesn’t quite believe in this generation’s concept of marriage.

The controversial TV celebrity boldly admitted to advocating for people not to get married just because of his prejudices about the subject matter.

“My perspective on marriage has started changing because currently I am dating, but I have had an issue with marriage for a very long time.I have been telling people not to marry if they don’t have to. I think marriage is an institution that has failed. Marriage is deep, but in this generation it’s hard. Everyone that I know has been divorced,” he said. 

The comedian is well known to flop when it comes to maintaining healthy relationships with women.


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