Edwin Chiloba’s Childhood Friend Claims that He Had Girlfriend

Jesca Kiprop, who is the childhood best friend of the slain gay activist Edwin Chiloba has today at burial revealed that the late model had a girlfriend.

This comes amidst viral speculations that Edwin Chiloba, being a strong member of LGBTQ, was himself a female lover of some gentleman who is alleged to have had took the last breathe out from the fashionista earlier this year.

While Jesca Kiprop was responding to an interview with one of the biggest mainstream media houses in the country, she painted her words black and white saying that shes nothing deeper concerning the late Edwin’s relationship tales.

However, she assured the media that Mr Edwin had a girlfriend at some point of his life.

“He had never told me about the relationship, all I know is he grew up like a normal person and he also had a girlfriend,” she said.

Since his death, close friends of Edwin including famous Michelle Ntalami have been sending their deepest condolences to the bereaved family as they wish his soul to lay in peace.

Today on 17th January, Mr Edwin’s body has been laid to rest as his family is left in engulfed in period of grief, mourning their loved one who they initially claimed not to be a gay but a pastor.


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