Willy Paul Dares Diamond Platinumz to Do a Challenge To His New Song: “Umeme”

Kenya’s one of the most popular musicians going by the name Wilson Abubakar Radido aka Willy Paul, has dared Tanzanian Bongo king Diamond Platinumz to challenge his new song dubbed “Umeme”

While taking into his Twitter account, Willy Paul who is also the chief executive officer and founder of Saldido international entertainment, bragged about his new song saying he has done it to top.

“Diamond Platinumz, nipigie challenge moja bro. Just follow my steps hapo, I mean just killed the #umemechallenge ama vipi?” He wrote.

As if it was not enough, the 2012 Groove award winning Male artist of the year Mr Pozee further dubbed himself as the lion in the jungle of the East African artistic world.

According to him, there are only two lions roaring in East African music and that is himself and Diamond Platinumz. The rest might be lionesses and perhaps little puppies.

He further wrote, “East Africa Simba ni wawili tu Mimi na wewe bro.. let’s take the East African music even further.”

As expected, there has been mixed reactions from the fan base of these two artists as others claim that Willy Paul is no where near to be compared by Diamond Platinumz.

On the contrary, a section of his fans are impressed by his confidence terming it the only tool to breakthrough to greater heights.

Here are a few comments pinned from the post:

Fei KE: i love his confidence..,imefanya amek steps nyinyi mkisema anasimp yeye anaendelea

Meekblaq Nthekesh: Kujiaminia muhimu sana willy

Neshen: Simba ni wawili “YES” but ujue kuna simba mke na simba mume


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