Ben Pol Apologises To Ex-wife Anerlisa

Tanzanian Musician Ben Pol has apologized to his ex-wife Kenyan entrepreneur Anerlisa Muigai after remarks that he made during an interview which did not sit well with Anerlisa.

In a long post on social media, Ben Pol came out to apologize for the way he described his marriage to Anerlisa.

The musician said he had no intentions of hurting Anerlisa and him speaking about his marriage experience was a way of sharing how it affected his mental health.

Ben Pol acknowledged that his words came out as hurtful to Anerlisa promising that although he wants to continue talking about his mental health, he will be careful to do it in a way that is mindful and constructive.

In the interview, Ben Pol had stated that he did not enjoy his marriage with Anerlisa Muigai and he never experienced the things that other couples in Marriages do, adding that his marriage was good on social media since all they did was take happy pictures.

The interview however didn’t sit well with Anerlisa Muigai who felt that Ben Pol was being disrespectful and saying how much they didn’t work out yet he was still trying to pursue her.


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