KRG The Don Blasts Ben Pol For Simping As He Praised Anerlisa

Kenyan rapper KRG The Don never misses out on any opportunity to air his opinions on matters pertaining his male counterparts in the industry.

This time round it seems he has just gotten wind of the acts of the The Tanzanian singer Ben Pol and as usual,the outspoken and fearless Krg had his word.

Sharing his comment on social media, KRG said that he pities the singer seeing as he cannot seem to stand up for himself as a man. 

“I pity Ben Pol by the way yani you don’t have self-confidence kabisa… NKT must you compare yourself with other humans ndio upate girlfriend? Uko chini sana,” the rapper said on Instagram. 

He went on to congratulate Ben Pol’s ex-wife Anerlisa Muigai for ending her marriage with the Tanzania artiste.

“Anerlisa dada angu you did well to run away from his lame ass. Man can’t stand for anything!” he wrote.

His comments came after Ben Pol apologized to Anerlisa for his remarks about their failed marriage, which pushed Anerlisa to fury as she fired back with facts that pinned Ben Pol down.

For the past few days, Ben Pol has been making headlines with failed attempts to Anerlisa’s name in the mud.


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